February 17, 2024
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Planning A Trip to Rhodes: An Expert Guide

A trip to Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands, offers a unique blend of historical sites, stunning beaches, and vibrant nightlife, making it a top destination for travelers from around the world. Planning your trip to Rhodes requires thoughtful consideration of several factors, including the best time to visit, must-see attractions, hidden gems, accommodation options, and travel tips. This guide provides comprehensive insights to ensure a seamless and unforgettable Rhodes experience.

Best Time for a Trip to Rhodes

The best time to visit Rhodes is during the spring (April to June) and fall (September to November). These months offer pleasant weather, fewer crowds, and the opportunity to explore the island’s natural beauty and historical sites comfortably. The summer months (July and August) are peak tourist season, with higher temperatures and crowded beaches, but also vibrant nightlife and cultural events.

Must-See Attractions in Rhodes

1. The Medieval City of Rhodes

The Medieval City of Rhodes - Trip to Rhodes

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Medieval City of Rhodes is a must-visit. Walk through the Street of the Knights, visit the Palace of the Grand Master, and explore the ancient walls that tell tales of bygone eras.

2. Lindos Acropolis

Trip to Rhodes and Lindos Acropolis

Overlooking the picturesque village of Lindos, the Acropolis offers breathtaking views and a glimpse into ancient civilizations with its Doric Temple of Athena Lindia and medieval fortifications.

3. The Valley of the Butterflies

Trip to Rhodes and the valley of the butterflies

A unique natural reserve, the Valley of the Butterflies (Petaloudes) is home to thousands of butterflies during the summer months, offering a magical experience for nature lovers.

Hidden Gems in Rhodes

1. Monolithos Castle

Trip to Rhodes and Monolithos Castle

Perched atop a rock, Monolithos Castle offers stunning views of the Aegean Sea. Its remote location makes it a peaceful escape from the more crowded tourist spots.

2. Seven Springs (Epta Piges)

Trip to Rhodes and the seven springs

Additionally, a lush oasis offering cool respite from the heat, the Seven Springs is a picturesque spot perfect for picnics and leisurely walks through the forested area leading to a hidden lake.

3. Kritinia Castle

Perched on a hill overlooking the Aegean Sea, Kritinia Castle offers panoramic views and a glimpse into the island’s medieval past. Unlike the more frequented castles, Kritinia provides a tranquil atmosphere for visitors to explore its ruins and enjoy the breathtaking scenery without the crowds.

4. Embonas Village

Trip to Rhodes and Embonas Village

Nestled in the mountains of Rhodes, Embonas is not just a village but a window into the traditional life of the island. Known for its wine production, visiting Embonas gives travelers the chance to taste local wines and explore the lush vineyards. The village also boasts traditional architecture and local crafts, making it a perfect stop for those looking to experience the authentic Rhodian lifestyle.

5. Eleousa

Trip to Rhodes and Eleousa

A testament to Italian influence on the island, Eleousa is an abandoned village featuring Italian buildings, a deserted sanatorium, and an aqueduct. The area is surrounded by forests, making it an ideal spot for hiking and exploring the less visited interior of Rhodes. The eerie beauty of the abandoned structures, combined with the natural surroundings, offers a unique adventure.

6. Profitis Ilias Mountain

Trip to Rhodes and Profitis Ilias Mountain

Also, for those willing to venture into the island’s natural landscapes, the drive or hike up to Profitis Ilias Mountain is rewarding. Home to a namesake hotel built in the style of an alpine chalet and two historic monasteries, the mountain provides stunning views of the island. The dense forest and cooler temperatures offer a refreshing escape from the coastal heat.

7. Kamiros Skala

Trip to Rhodes and Kamiros Skala

Moreover, away from the island’s bustling resorts, Kamiros Skala is a small fishing village that feels like stepping back in time. Known for its fresh seafood restaurants, visitors can enjoy a meal overlooking the sea and the neighboring islands. The village serves as a departure point for trips to the nearby island of Chalki, adding to its charm as a peaceful retreat.

Travel Tips for a Trip in Rhodes

Travel Tips for a Trip in Rhodes
  • Rent a Car or Scooter: To explore the island’s hidden beaches and mountain villages, consider renting a car or scooter for greater flexibility.
  • Stay Hydrated: The Greek sun can be intense, especially in summer. Always carry water, especially when hiking or exploring archaeological sites.
  • Respect the Sites: Many of Rhodes’ attractions are ancient and protected. Follow all guidelines and respect the natural and historical significance of these places.
  • Try Local Cuisine: Rhodes offers a rich culinary experience. Don’t miss out on local delicacies like moussaka, fresh seafood, and the sweet treat of baklava.

Accommodation Options

From luxury resorts in Ixia and Lindos to charming guesthouses in the Old Town, Rhodes caters to all preferences and budgets. Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak season, to secure the best rates and locations.


Planning your trip to Rhodes is the first step towards an unforgettable adventure on this enchanting island. With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, Rhodes promises a diverse and rewarding experience for every traveler. Follow this guide to ensure you capture the essence of Rhodes and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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Landscape of Rhodes
March 30, 2024
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Landscape of Rhodes: Discover the Village of Archangelos

Nestled amidst the rolling hills and verdant landscape of Rhodes, lies the village of Archangelos. Steeped in history and brimming with cultural heritage, Archangelos stands as a testament to the rich tapestry of Greek history. This hidden gem, far from the well-trodden tourist paths, offers a unique glimpse into the traditional life and historical significance of Rhodes. Join us on a journey of rediscovery, as we delve into the heart of Archangelos. Yet, uncover the secrets of this enchanting village.

A Closer Look at Archangelos, a heart-landscape of Rhodes

Archangelos, with its cobblestone streets and traditional whitewashed houses, epitomizes the essence of Greek village life. The village is renowned for its strong adherence to customs and traditions. They are vividly reflected in the daily lives of its inhabitants. From the art of ceramics and loom weaving to the preservation of local dialects and culinary practices, Archangelos is a living museum of Rhodian culture.

Let’s Discover beyond the Landscape of Rhodes’s village, Archangelos

1. A Journey Through Time: The Historical Roots of Archangelos

The history of Archangelos is as captivating as its landscape. Founded in the 5th century, the village has witnessed the ebb and flow of various civilizations. From the Byzantines to the Knights of St. John, each leaving an indelible mark on its cultural fabric. The village’s name, which translates to “Archangel,” is derived from the Byzantine church dedicated to the Archangel Michael, standing as a beacon of the village’s enduring faith and spiritual heritage.

2. Architectural Marvels: The Castle of Archangelos

Historical site of Archangelos

Perched atop a nearby hill, the remnants of the Castle of Archangelos offer a window into the village’s medieval past. Built by the Knights of St. John in the 14th century, the castle served as a fortress against pirate invasions and a symbol of the island’s strategic importance in the Aegean Sea. Today, the ruins invite visitors to explore and imagine the once-thriving stronghold that guarded the villagers below.

3. The Vibrant Tapestry of Local Life

Life in Archangelos is a harmonious blend of past and present. The village square, bustling with activity, serves as the community’s heart, where locals gather to share stories and celebrate festivals. Traditional music and dance are integral to these celebrations, with the sounds of the lyre and the laughter of dancers echoing through the streets.

Sunset at Archangelos

4. Gastronomy: A Taste of Archangelos

The culinary traditions of Archangelos are a testament to the village’s rich agricultural heritage. Local tavernas offer dishes made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, including olive oil, citrus fruits, and honey. Signature dishes such as “moussaka” and “baklava” provide a delicious introduction to Greek cuisine. Treat yourself with the locally produced “souma,” a fiery spirit distilled from grapes, that offers a taste of local hospitality. A trip to Rhodes is definitely ideal.

5. Art and Craftsmanship: The Legacy of Archangelos

The artisans of Archangelos are guardians of ancient crafts. The village is famed for its pottery, with local workshops producing intricate ceramics that draw inspiration from Rhodian and Byzantine motifs. Likewise, the tradition of loom weaving is alive and well, with handwoven textiles featuring vibrant patterns and colors that reflect the island’s natural beauty.

village of Archangelos

6. Embracing Nature: The Surrounding Landscapes of Archangelos

Also, the natural surroundings of Archangelos are as enchanting as the village itself. Nearby, the golden sands of Stegna Beach offer a tranquil retreat, while the lush valleys and olive groves invite exploration. For the adventurous, the Tsambika Monastery, perched atop a hill, rewards climbers with breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea.

7. Sustainable Tourism: Preserving the Essence of Archangelos

As Archangelos gently opens its doors to the world, sustainable tourism plays a crucial role in preserving its heritage. Efforts to promote eco-friendly practices and cultural experiences ensure that visitors can enjoy the beauty of Archangelos while contributing to the preservation of its traditions and natural environment.


The village of Archangelos, with its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning landscapes, represents the soul of Rhodes. A visit to this secluded gem offers more than just a glimpse into the past; it provides an opportunity to connect with the enduring spirit of Greek culture. As we rediscover the landscape of Rhodes through the lens of Archangelos, we are reminded of the beauty that lies in tradition, community, and the simple joys of village life.

In the heart of Archangelos, the past and present merge to create a unique experience that resonates with the echo of centuries. This is not just a journey through time; it’s an invitation to become part of a living legacy. So, pack your bags, set your sights on Rhodes, and prepare to be enchanted by the timeless charm of Archangelos, where history breathes life into every stone and story.

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January 14, 2023
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Know the Pros and Cons of Chartering a Private Jet

Chartering a private jet may be the answer if you’re getting tired of all the hassles associated with commercial air travel.

Though jet charter is commonly associated with high-profile personalities and business travel, in recent years, it has grown in popularity among group travelers going on vacation and families seeking a stress-free and safe travel with a private jet. Still, some claim that it’s a too pricey, excessive, and superfluous way to fly.

Is chartering a private jet worth it? You’ll have to weigh the pros and cons; the advantages and disadvantages of a private jet charter to find out if it is the best choice for you.

Pros of Flying Private

Here are the top 5 reasons to fly private on your next trip:

1. Privacy and Confidentiality

If you’ve ever taken a first-class or business class flight, then you already know that the airline really takes special measures to give their passengers more privacy. But of course, nothing compares to the complete privacy and exclusivity that a private jet charter can offer since you have the entire plane for yourself for the entire duration of the flight.

2. Luxury and Comfort

Flying private is indeed a one-of-a-kind experience. Depending on the type of plane you charter, you can have access to amenities like plush leather seats, on-board wi-fi, custom catering, and the latest entertainment systems. Chartering a private jet isn’t just about traveling to your destination, but also feeling at ease and having a good time while getting there.

3. Personalized In-Flight Service

Personalization has a significant impact on the overall quality of your flight. Many aspects of your private jet charter can be customized according to your preferences, including the aircraft model, passenger capacity, catering, and amenities. You can even organize a party in the skies with the food and entertainment of your choice. All of your needs will be met by the flight crew, available to you at all times during your flight.

4. Stress-Free Airport Experience

A bustling airport is probably going to be your first stop when you fly commercial. You’ll pass through several check-in counters and security checks, and will need to arrive hours before your flight to make room for possible delays. When you charter a private jet, on the other hand, you’re essentially flying on your own plane. You’ll board from a private terminal or FBO and won’t have to worry about missing your flight even if you get to the tarmac just in the nick of time.

5. Flexibility and Accessibility

Since private jets have access to small airports and FBOs, you have the option to land and take off on locations that would otherwise be inaccessible to commercial flights. Moreover, you can generally book a private jet charter with very little notice. Some jet charter companies can have a jet ready for take-off in a few hours.

Cons of Flying Private

Despite the many luxuries and conveniences of flying private, it is not without downsides, such as:

1. Susceptibility to Weather Delays

A private jet charter may solve many of the delay issues associated with flying commercial, but not weather delays. Because most private jets are significantly smaller in size than the commercial airlines, they may be unable to withstand certain weather conditions that could be handled by commercial planes. In the event of a storm, a private jet may postpone or cancel the flight altogether.

2. Higher Costs

The issue that most people have with private aviation is the price tag that comes with it. But, of course it’s understandable that the added convenience, comfort, and luxury of flying private comes at a higher cost. If you have a flexible schedule or are not too fussy about sharing a jet with other people, though, you can either charter an empty leg flight or book a shared private flight to significantly cut costs.

3. Strict Cancellation Policy

The rules on canceling a charter are rather rigorous. Most companies have a “use-it-or-lose-it” policy where you will be required to pay a penalty for cancellation and may not be entitled to a refund. However, some charter companies may allow a substitute passenger to fly in your place for a small fee.

4. Baggage Limitations

A lot of people believe that you can just take whatever you want when you fly private, but this isn’t the case. Some private planes, usually smaller ones, have an even stricter baggage policy than commercial airlines since excess weight can affect the jet’s performance. Flying commercial may be the better option if you’re traveling in a large group and have a lot of luggage or heavy items to transport.

5. Requires More Planning

Because commercial airlines transport a large number of passengers, they need to adhere to a set of rules designed to keep things organized. Meals and refreshments are prepared ahead of time and the departure and arrival times are already set. When you fly private, you’ll need to arrange things in advance with the charter company if you want a customized airline experience.

While chartering a private jet does require more effort on your end in terms of planning, as long as you work with an experienced and reliable charter service. Combine it with a trustworthy VIP transfer company and everything will be worth it in the end!

About the Author:

Melissa Hull is the Content Marketing Strategist for Aviation Charters, a West Trenton, New Jersey-based private aviation company that provides on-demand aircraft charter, aircraft management, and aircraft acquisition services. Aside from her passion for writing, she loves to travel and read espionage books.

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Culinary Journey Through Rhodes
April 6, 2024
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Culinary Journey Through Rhodes: Must-Try Dishes

Embark on a culinary journey through Rhodes, the sun-kissed island, where ancient civilizations and local traditions blend to create a culinary paradise. From the bustling streets of Rhodes Town to the tranquil villages dotting the island, each locale offers a taste of Rhodes’ rich heritage. This comprehensive guide invites you to savor the flavors of Rhodes, highlighting the must-try dishes that define this Greek island’s unique cuisine. A wish come true to everyone who adores Rhodes and plans to visit it.

Introduction in Culinary Journey Through Rhodes

Firstly, Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese islands, is not only famed for its stunning beaches and historical sites but also for its vibrant culinary scene. Influenced by various cultures over the centuries, Rhodian cuisine is a melange of flavors and techniques. In other words, each dish telling a story of the island’s past. As you journey through Rhodes, let your taste buds lead the way. Discover the traditional dishes that are the heart and soul of Rhodian gastronomy.

The Essence of Rhodian Cuisine

Before diving into the specific dishes, it’s crucial to understand the essence of Rhodian cuisine. At its core, Rhodian food is about simplicity, quality ingredients, and age-old traditions. Olive oil, fresh vegetables, seafood, and meats are staples, with herbs and spices adding depth and character to every dish. This culinary tradition respects the natural flavors of its components, aiming to enhance rather than overpower.

Must-Try Dishes in Rhodes

1. Moussaka

In addition, a quintessential Greek dish that finds a special place in Rhodian hearts is Moussaka. Moussaka is a layered delight comprising sliced eggplants, minced meat, and a creamy béchamel sauce. Baked to perfection, it’s a comforting dish that combines the richness of its ingredients with the subtleness of spices like cinnamon and nutmeg.

2. Souvlaki


While Souvlaki is popular across Greece, Rhodes offers its unique twist on this classic. Skewered and grilled meats, often served with pita bread, tzatziki, tomatoes, and onions, make for a delightful meal that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Whether it’s pork or chicken, the key lies in the marinade. A secret blend of herbs and spices that give Rhodian souvlaki its distinctive taste.

3. Seafood Delicacies

Given its island status, Rhodes boasts an abundance of seafood dishes that are a must-try. From grilled octopus drizzled with lemon and olive oil to fresh calamari and sardines, seafood in Rhodes is about celebrating the bounty of the sea. A standout dish is the grilled fish, seasoned simply with herbs, olive oil, and lemon, showcasing the freshness of the catch.

4. Pitaroudia

Referring to vegetarians, Pitaroudia offers a taste of Rhodes’ culinary diversity. These chickpea fritters, mixed with grated vegetables and herbs, are fried to golden perfection. Served hot, they’re often accompanied by a refreshing yogurt dip or enjoyed as is, providing a savory treat that’s hard to resist.

5. Melekouni

No culinary journey through Rhodes is complete without savoring Melekouni, a traditional Rhodian sweet. These sesame and honey bars, often flavored with orange zest and almonds, are not just a treat for the taste buds but also a glimpse into the island’s customs, commonly prepared for weddings and festivals.

6. Local Cheeses

Also, Rhodes is home to a variety of distinctive cheeses, with each type offering a unique flavor profile. Myzithra, a fresh cheese made from sheep or goat milk, is versatile and can be found in both sweet and savory dishes. Another must-try is Anthotyro, a soft cheese that’s delightful in pastries or as a simple accompaniment to Rhodian honey.

Culinary Journey Through Rhodes

Culinary Journey Through Rhodes means:

To truly embrace the flavors of Rhodes, engage in culinary experiences that highlight the island’s gastronomic heritage:

  • Visit a Local Taverna: No visit to Rhodes is complete without dining at a traditional taverna. These family-run establishments offer a warm welcome and an opportunity to taste authentic Rhodian dishes, often made with ingredients sourced from their own gardens.
  • Cooking Classes: Participate in a cooking class to learn the secrets of Rhodian cuisine. From preparing the perfect Moussaka to mastering the art of Greek pastries, these classes provide hands-on experience, guided by local chefs.
  • Winery Tours: Rhodes’ winemaking tradition dates back centuries. Visit a local winery to taste indigenous grape varieties and learn about the island’s wine production. Pairing Rhodian wines with local dishes elevates the dining experience, offering a harmonious blend of flavors.


In conclusion, the culinary landscape of Rhodes is a mosaic of flavors, each dish telling a story of the island’s rich history and cultural influences. From hearty meals like Moussaka and Souvlaki to the simple pleasures of fresh seafood and traditional sweets, Rhodes invites travelers to explore its gastronomic treasures. As you journey through this enchanting island, let the taste of Rhodes lead you to discover the soul of its people and the essence of its heritage. Embark on this culinary adventure, and immerse yourself in the flavors that make Rhodes a truly unforgettable destination by booking your trip as soon as possible.

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