”Diagoras” Rhodes Airport (RHO)


Rhodes airport has a rich and very interesting history. Apart from it’s being opening to tourists after world war two, it got it’s name diagoras from the ancient legendary boxer diagoras of Rhodes and today it has gained the name of Rhodes airport diagoras.

In 2015, the airport over the years was successfully bought and acquired along with thirteen other airports and was privatised by a joint partnership between fraport AG and Copelouzos group. The contract grants them access to all thirteen airports as well as Rhodes airport and is currently operating from all of them.


Being the fourth largest airport in the whole of Greece, it has gotten the tag of being the busiest airport especially during the summer. Getting thousands of passengers coming in to visit the attractive sights within Rhodes island. Due to its large size spanning about 60,000m2, and being one of the largest airports in Rhodes, Rhodes airport couldn’t possibly have a bridge for passengers to access their flights. So instead,they made available commercial buses that would make, what would have being a tedious trek, much more easier.

Rhodes Airport Facilities

With ultra modern facilities, passengers can expect nothing but the sleekest and most comfortable flying experience as far as the airport is operational. Here, dedication to customer satisfaction is a priority that’s why the airport is constantly being renovated and upgraded to give it everything and beyond of what a standard airport should have.

Some of the facilities currently available at the airport include; a medical centre,police station, airline staff officers, VIP lounges, a car rental station, cafes and restaurants and a lot more facilities that would ensure the comfort and safety of passengers worldwide. If it would interest you,you can also visit the duty free shop to get gifts and experience that could be a reminder of the best vacation you ever experienced visiting Rhodes island one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The facilities are right at your disposal and equipped with everything you need to make your flying experience be convenient even before you get on the plane.

Traveling is an experience that everybody should enjoy without fear that’s why at Rhodes airport,the facilities are equipped for the disabled ensuring that they get the same level of traveling experience as everyone else. Our facilities have the basic equipment needed for tge disabled passengers to be sure of a safe and convenient passing from the airport and within the airport. Everything from the terminals to the common areas are wheel chair accessible. So no inconvenience or mishap happening while at Rhodes airport.

Rhodes airport has made accomodation for both scheduled and chartered flights allowing you to travel any how you please and at any of the scheduled times convenient for you.


Located just 14km away from the town of Rhodes, Rhodes airport has made it extremely convenient for passengers to get a taxi that would transfer them directly to their hotels. Without traffic it would take just 20 minutes to get to the town of Rhodes to the Rhodes airport and it would cost about 25 euros.

Rhodes Airport Taxi

Rhodes airport taxi has a selection of transfer services available to the whole of Rhodes island that would transfer you from the airport to your accomodation quarters. You can easily access the Rhodes airport taxi by walking to the taxi rank and hailing from the terminal.

Rhodes airport taxi drivers are obligated to do each of the following:

  • Drivers are obligated to help passengers with their luggages
  • They are obligated to not deny anyone passage because of personal prejudices.
  • They are not entitled to deny any passenger a ride nor are they allowed to pick up extra passengers
  • Passengers are allowed to request a waiting time of up to fifteen minutes incase of emergencies. The driver is then obligated to issue an invoice stating the route and metre fare paid.

Rhodes Airport Taxi Pricelist (one way)

IXIA20 €

Rhodes airport bus

Comfortable and affordable buses are excellent if you don’t mind sharing transportation and you’re looking to save some money.

There are buses leaving from the airport to Rhodes town daily and you can commute with other travelers at a fair price of 2.50 euros. The bus stop is located very close to the first door of the terminal about 300m in distance and it takes about Forty minutes to get from Rhodes airport to the city of Rhodes.

So check out the bus schedule and enjoy your stay at the inviting and culturally rich city of Rhodes.

Bus Schedule from Rhodes Airport to City Center

bus timetable from rhodes airport to rhodes city centre

If you still have questions, visit the Rhodes Airport section of our F.A.Q. page

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