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Transfer Booking Process

1. Can I book a transfer for someone else?

Of course! In case you need to book a transfer for someone else, you need to enter the guest’s contact information. It is important to enter the email address and phone number of the person who will be taking the service so they receive the ride status updates and the driver’s contact information. If you do not know the email address, please enter your own, however the guest’s mobile phone number is mandatory. In case of any onsite irregularities, GREtour will try to contact the guest with this number.

2. What happened if my flight lands earlier or is delayed?

No worries! Our drivers monitor the flights and make sure to be at the arrival hall at the time the planes land. This is why is very important to fill properly your flight details in the booking form.

3. How much time will I need to pass through the passport control?

Mainly depends on the season. Early and late season you need in average about 20-30 minutes. In the peak of the season (July, August, September) you will need 45-60 minutes.

4. Where will I meet the driver?

The driver is going to wait for you at the arrival hall holding a sign with your name.

5. Can I pay to the driver?

Yes, you have the option to pay to the driver by cash or card.

Rhodes Airport

1. Where is Rhodes Airport?

Rhodes Airport is situated westwards of the island, in the Paradisi town. It takes about 20-25 minutes to get to Rhodes town by car driving the west coast and passing Kremasti, Ialisos, Ixia towns.

2. How many airports in Rhodes?

Rhodes Airport ”Diagoras” (RHO) is the only civil airport on the island.

3. Is there Uber in Rhodes Airport?

No, there is no Uber at Rhodes Airport. You have the options of public transportation, taxis, private hire vehicles or coaches.


1. What ‘s the best way to get around in Rhodes?

The best way to get around in Rhodes is by a car or a motorbike. Rented cars can cost around 35 Euros/day while scooters and mopeds around 15-18 Euros/day. More powerful motorbikes can cost around 30 Euros/day and are really well worth it for couples as they’re a lot more convenient.

Distances and Prices

1. How much is a taxi from Rhodes airport to Rhodes town? How far is Rhodes town from Rhodes airport

A taxi ride from Rhodes Airport to Rhodes Town costs around 25 euros. The price can be higher due to traffic or the number of luggages. Rhodes Town and its Old town is 18 km from the airport. A ride by car under normal circumstances usually takes more or less than 20 minutes. Also, the public transportation takes around 30 minutes.

2. How much is a taxi from Rhodes town to Lindos? How far is Lindos from Rhodes town?

A taxi ride from Rhodes town to Lindos village can costs around 62 euros. The estimated driving time under normal circumstances is 45 minutes. Bus takes around 1 hour, due to stops on the way.